What customers say about us

Helga Bollmann Leknes, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief HR Norwegian:

I have used Dvergsdal Consulting in more than 10 years, for leader development, top leader development, team development and coaching of top leaders, and I give them my very best references. These are people – with Dagrun Dvergsdal in front, who care about people, they see people and contribute to magic development that is good both for the individual and for the company.

The learning methods really expand competence, and the programmes are always tailormade and adapted to the company in question. They make a difference, and I keep being impressed.

Grethe Bergly, CEO Multiconsult ASA:

In Dvergsdal we have found a partner who together with us develop our leaders on a basis of their strengths and possibilities. Dvergsdal’s capacity for listening and adapting their programmes to our needs is essential for the training arenas to have direct relevance to the busy working life of leaders. The emphasis of the individual as part of a team is also of vital importance to our company, where teamwork is everyday life for most people. Dvergsdal assists in a way that gives our leaders confidence and the will to stay on as leaders, and that they gain insight in what constitutes effective and value-added leader behaviour, on a foundation of solid values.

Alexander Fjeldly, Engineering Leader – Subsea Manifold and Connection Systems, GE Oil & Gas:

“Dvergsdal Consulting provides personal and team development based on a strong platform of experience, values and knowledge. The coaching has helped our teams and leaders to reach the next level through increased self-knowledge and looking at barriers from different perspectives. I really value their ability to drive leadership development through crisp observations and candid feedback, both on the personal and group level”

Anne-Lise Brodtkorb, section director, The Norwegian Department for Church and Cultural matters:

“In connection with the implementation of new service arrangements in the Church of Norway, the leader profile of the bishops and the role of the deans have been strengthened. Dagrun Dvergsdal has been engaged to carry through a two-step leader development programme focusing on the work of the bishops. She was chosen because she has relevant knowledge about the Church of Norway, and she has broad experience in monitoring change processes and leader development. Her way of working is characterized by a focused openness, by trusting her own judgement and an ability to work distinctly and well in collaboration with the customer, the individual and the group.”

Eva Kristensen, Managing Director, Ulstein Design & Solutions AS:

“Dvergsdal Consulting continues the personal development process where others stop. DC changes people towards becoming more truly themselves, more tuned in together in relation to the tasks of the team, more distinct in leadership style, stronger in implementation, more powerful when communicating. Through observations and individually adapted, personal training, both on a one-to-one level and in the team with feedback, a more authentic human being and team is emerging. To put it simply – bigger impact. Inside, real love is awakened – for life and for other persons, a good serenity -feeling safe as a leader, capable of releasing driving energy – new, tactful, productive boldness generating creative productivity. You must experience it – it IS different!”

Jarle Henriksrud, Project Director, Kvaerner:

“In May, 2012, Kvaerner signed an EPC contract for the Edvard Grieg Topside. Both the costumer, Lundin, and Kvaerner wanted Edvard Grieg to become a reference project- for all the involved parties.  And that is what happened.
The project enjoyed outstanding media attention in the construction phase. After its completion, the project has been awarded three prizes. The prizes are:
Kvaerner Quality Improvement award 2015
Business Success of the Year – Gold Crown 2016, in the class for oilfield services (by Rystad Energy)
Project of the Year 2016 (by Petroleum Economist, London)

My whole team would like to thank you for your important contribution to our success. To build a team where the members can benefit from mutual trust and a strong wish to help each other, in order for the project to be completed, has been vital for us.”

Ståle Hansen, President and CEO, Assuranceforeningen Skuld:

“Skuld’s growth and diversification strategy demands new leadership and communication abilities.
New products, new services, new approaches in conducting the business calls for new ways of leading individuals, teams and our business.
Dvergsdal Consulting helps Skuld creating a flexible organisational culture, where leaders are capable of adapting to change, communicating strategies and leading people and the business.
I truly recommend their competence and services.”

Simen Lieungh, CEO, Odfjell Drilling:

“The quality of the dialogues and the unique ‘personal touch’ makes this a powerful toolbox for developing leadership and leaders based on self-knowledge and consciousness-raising processes. Our engagement with these highly professional people adds value to our leaders and to our company.”

Thor Olaf Askjer, CEO , JM Byggholt AS (Housing construction etc):

“Dvergsdal Consulting is an important source of inspiration for everyone who is concerned about leadership and interpersonal dynamics. To us, DC has been a useful corrective to the natural decay of positive leader competence which follows naturally from being stressed and busy, and from the fact that we are ageing – both as persons and organisations.”

Vibeke Hammer Madsen, President, Employer’s organisation for trade and service (Virke, formerly HSH):

”HSH has worked with Dagrun Dvergsdal since 1991. She is one of the architects of our leader development programme, and she has continuously been one of the leaders of this comprehensive and highly valued programme. Dagrun gets a top score from every group of participants for her capacity to lead the process and to create good, development generating relations between participants.”